Gabriele Basch


Preview on Friday, 28th January 2005, 7 - 9 pm
Exhibition from 29th January - 12th March 2005
Opening times Wed - Sat, 11 am - 6pm

Galerie Kamm is pleased to present Gabriele Basch with her third solo exhibition in the gallery. The title of the exhibition “Trip” establishes the ambivalence which characterises Gabriele Basch’s new gouaches. A dissolving reality, a space of transition to a hallucinatory, imaginary, and abstract world is combined with the real experience of the foreign and distant.

In her earlier oil paintings, Gabriele Basch created a critical distance to what, in a familiar environment, is considered beautiful. The new series of gouaches were produced in Istanbul, and show a personal and sub-jective attempt to capture something unknown and foreign - not a concrete image or object, but rather the atmosphere of a foreign place. The images move away from a true-to-detail representation, and don’t‚ show a city, but rather silhouetted, stage-scenery-like fragments of a landscape-vision.

Gabriele Basch uses ornament, one of the most basic elements of the visual appearance of Istanbul, even for the sky. At the same time, the all-over effect of the ornamental patterning is dissolved by the flow of the paint.
Impressions that can no longer be caught by words are translated into poetic image-worlds. For this reason, they witness from a distance, since the images deal with the impossibility of grasping the foreign.

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