Bernd Ribbeck

opening on Friday, May 6th, 2005, 7 - 10 pm
exhibition May 6th - June 18th 2005
opening hours Tue - Sat 11am - 6 pm

Galerie Kamm is pleased to present Bernd Ribbeck with his first solo exhibition in the gallery. For his small-scale paintings, Bernd Ribbeck mostly uses pictorial forms which have a suggestive quality. They could be forms derived from Modernism, resemble mandalas, or appear on game boards; forms which were once developed as a promise of happiness, to seduce the viewer, or even to lead the viewer's gaze from the picture surface into a transcendental realm.

In search of new modes of expression, Bernd Ribbeck makes use of the stories of others, hides himself behind these in order to evolve his own pictorial spaces. He distances himself from all world-explaining or world-forming approaches; although it's precisely the discrepancy between the promise that the avant-garde for example formulated with their expansionary claims, and the translation into a small format which interests him. responding to enthusiasms, and not in the service of quotation, pictures come about which despite their abstraction reveal an epic space. A narration, however, is not staged - instead the images resemble stills from the action of a film. Bernd Ribbeck opens a fictional world without explanation, creates icons without religion - or as Malevitch once said: "naked icons of my time".

Bernd Ribbeck positions himself clearly within the field of painting, although he uses materials such as ball-point pens, markers and touch-up pens which are usually associated with drawing. The refined handling of the background texture, which he develops with materials that are rather unusual for painting, creates a link between spatial and graphic dimensions. As a result something like a metaphysical immateriality reappears.

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