Annette Kisling


Opening on Friday, 2nd September 2005, 7pm - 9pm
Exhibition from 3rd September - 8th October 2005

Galerie Kamm is pleased to present Annette Kisling with her third solo exhibition in the gallery.

The photographs in the exhibition “Suite” are determined by two main themes. The first shows house façades, the other, interiors of used-furniture stores. The façades appear closed. Windows are often boarded up or curtained, panes are broken or reflect the surroundings. The buildings are visibly abandoned. The photographs of furniture also contradict normal representations of functional objects. Annette Kisling photographs furniture arrangements, piled up and sorted according to type. The furniture as well as the buildings display the visible traces and familiar signs of previous use.
In the exhibition, both groups of pictures are supplemented and contrasted by a single large-format landscape photograph. This shows a section of a flooded wood whose tree trunks extend optically in the reflection of the water.

While in earlier series, Annette Kisling let formal parallels link the pictures, the photographs exhibited here are linked by their atmosphere. This is the atmosphere of the ambivalent presence of a tangible past and possible future. The photographs share a paradoxical combination of permanence and change. They concentrate on transitive situations of an undefined temporality, and convey the strangely stagnating anticipation of a change.

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At the Artforum Berlin, 29th Sept - 3rd Oct., the gallery will show Bernd Ribbeck in a solo presentation.