Pavel Pepperstein


preview Friday, April 2, 2004, 7pm - 9pm
exhibition April 3 - May 15, 2004

Galerie Kamm is pleased to present the Russian artist Pavel Pepperstein with his second solo exhibition in the gallery. The new series of drawings „Eyes“ with the subtitle „...littlesister is watching you...“ after the series „political hallucinations“ draws on the motif of the eye as a symbol of our visual society and at the same time as a mirror of the world.
In his accustomed manner, Pavel Pepperstein analyses the inner workings of culture and society by referring in his colour drawings to further mass-cultural images and texts, and linking these with Russian myth.
In the exhibition, a decisive role is played by the imagination and reflection of images in the eye. While reflections force their way inside the eye and an image comes into being within the eye, the eye converts the world into an image of the world. Just as important for the artist however is the motif of the eye.
„Images of eyes follow me everywhere; sometimes almost abstract, sometimes very realistic in emblems and posters. They look at me from TV screens and mouse-holes. I realized that an eye is the most common, dominant and the omnipresent symbol in our culture. They say eyes are the mirror of the soul; it’s enough to say that eyes are mirrors - the most common mirrors in the world. We see ourselves in the eyes of others, and when we look into a looking glass we can observe ourselves in our own eyes. Eyes watch us from everywhere - eyes of people, animals, insects ... - everything that I can imagine, I can draw in the form of a reflection in the eyes.“ Pavel Pepperstein

Parallel to the exhibition in the gallery, drawings by Pavel Pepperstein can be seen in the exhibition „Moskauer Konzeptualismus“ in the Kupferstichkabinett, Berlin. The exhibition „Berlin-Moscow, Moscow-Berlin 1950 -2000“ in which Pavel Pepperstein is represented with oil paintings from the series „political hallucination“, opens on April 2nd in the National Historical Museum, Moscow.

Works by the Danish artist Simon Dybbroe Møller who has just joined the gallery will be shown in the office. Simon Dybbroe Møller develops scenarios which show decay as another reality. Reality becomes a construction, and accident or decay becomes an „organic“ element through whose cracks and breaks „real“ reality is revealed beneath the surface. With the object „Vintage“ - a crushed but functioning neon tube - the artist makes a theme of decay itself as a construction, and in this way the possibility of controlling the unavoidable decay of things by time.
In other works Simon Dybbroe Møller takes day-to-day situations and conditions as the starting point, making small modifications to question the given mechanisms. With a series of works using squared paper and minimal displacements of the lines, or additional words, he tests day-to-day phenomena for their communication potential. What would happen if the grid on this paper which we use everyday actually did contain a hidden message?